April 2, 2013

Day 85: Happy Tuesday

pretty spring flowers!

I had two meetings and a class today. First was a meeting for my internship. It wasn't particularly thrilling but I sat through it. It was followed by the weekly meeting to get our meal allowances and schedules. Then we had to do the BEVI survey, which is a really lengthy, lets-talk-about-our-feelings-and-values survey for study abroad students. Lastly I had Dante class. To be honest I didn't pay too much attention (sorry but I couldn't go through a 5th hour straight of sitting and listening to people talk). Instead I drew and did some edits to a paper for my Architecture class. Then I went home, finished off my paper, and sent it to Luca. It is such a relief to finally be done with papers for the semester. To those considering this program, just know that it involves writing usually at least one and up to four essays a week. On the bright side there are only two tests- a midterm and a final.. but neither are tests.. they are essays (with the exception of Italian, which is a test).

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  1. Good luck on your essays Quinn! Can't wait to see you soon!