December 29, 2012

The Magic Scarf

Pashmina scarves are one of my favorite travel accessories. In fact, I have already packed three of these scarves for Italy. Here's why:
1. Scarf
I love to wear my pashminas as scarves. Wrapped around the neck, they look cute and are also very very warm. They also change up an bland outfit (I'm packing mostly neutral colored clothing for Italy).
2. Blanket
Pashminas are wider than normal scarves, so they work pretty well as blankets. In cold climates, I wear the scarf onto the plane and then pull it off to be a blanket. And in warmer climates, the pashmina can be stuffed into my carry on bag since they are so compact.
3. Over the shoulder
The last use is sort of like a jacket. Its great to throw over your shoulders if its a little chilly out. And if the pashmina has a nice/ sophisticated pattern, it can look great for even more formal occasions.

Wearing my pashmina as a scarf in Amsterdam

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