December 16, 2012

Goodbye JMU

A card and picture collage from my small group (thanks guys!!)
Leaving JMU is bittersweet. It has been my home for the last three semesters and I have truly fallen in love with it. The people here are the nicest and the campus is so beautiful. I love standing on east campus on clear days and being able to see old campus and the mountains in the distance. But more than anything I will miss my friends. They have each impacted my life in a different way and helped change me into the person I am today. I can't imagine my Madison experience without them. But leaving school means big things for me. After a much needed three week break, I will have the opportunity of a lifetime! My biggest dream has always been to live in another country, and now that dream is being fulfilled.

This is not goodbye. Not at all. Its just see ya later. So, JMU, its been an amazing year and half, I will see you next August!

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